Personal Dosimeter

Wear Check Integrated Individual Dose Dosimeter (IPD)

  • World’s first electric wear check integrated IPD with work time management capability (continuous non-wear detection monitoring function)
  • Built-in legal dosimeter (excellent portability by integrating legal dosimeter and electronic dosimeter)
  • RFID access exposure interworking management function
  • Silicon Gamma Dosimeter, LiF: ZnS (Ag) / SiPM Neutron Dosimeter
  • Combined solution to strengthen radiation safety management

The IPD developed from the Korean national R&D project solves the inconvenience of having to wear two separate dosimeters (legal dosimeter and direct reading electronic dosimeter). It also has a built in wear check and work time management function which provides a new concept of integrated radiation safety that effectively prevents radiation related accidents.

In addition, the built in RFID access and exposure management function enables for a more convenient and safer access check and personal exposure monitoring link compared to existing contact infrared communication devices. It is a physical regulation technology that can overcome the limitations of the current radiation safety regulation system.

Measurement Functions : Dose, Dose Rate, Dosimeter wearing check, Working time management, RFID access control, Built-in TLD (thermal fluorescence dosimeter) Detector: Si semiconductor, LiF:ZnS(Ag) Radiation : Gamma-ray, X-ray, Neutron (LiF:ZnS) Display unit: uSv/h(or mSv/h), uSv(or mSv), h Range: 0.01uSv/h to 1 Sv/h, 0.01uSv to 9.99 Sv Working time: 1 to 999 h Energy range : 0.01~3 MeV; ±30% (Gamma-ray) Accuracy : < ±15% (dose), < ±20% (dose rate) Recognition rate (dosimeter wearing check, RFID) : > 99%
Input and Output Display: LCD Audio(Alarm)
Electrical Power: Li-Ion battey Battery life : 10 days
Mechanical Dimensions: 7cm x 1cm x1cm(W x H x D) Weight: 70 g including battery Housing: Plastic
Environmental Temperature : -10 ~ 50 ℃
Standard IEC 61526