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NC Detection Equipment for Navy

  • Early detection of radiation pollution during nuclear war and/or accidents to prevent loss of naval assets and/or military power
  • Radiation detecting capability equivalent to NC detectors used by NATO
  • Fixed installation at important military assets for radiation detection and monitoring in real-time
  • Radiation defense for warships, submarines and military reconnaissance vehicles
  • Transmission of radiation measurement data to central control room using RS422 communication
  • Standard IP66 rating, easy to remove surface contamination on detector

The NCD is an important weapon system that detects gamma radiation early and outputs early warnings so that friendly forces can respond immediately in order to prevent naval power loss and environmental damage caused by radioactive contamination during nuclear wars and/or radiological accidents.

In the event that submarines, naval ships and marine vessels are exposed to radioactive material, radioactive contamination monitoring and inspections outside the ship are carried out to allow for quick decision making and maintaining normal operational capability.

NCDs for warships and marine ships provide IP66 waterproofing when installed on deck and can measure gamma dose rates in its surrounding area.

Radiation information measured by the NCD is transmitted to the central control room via RS422 communication without additional equipment.

The submarine NCD uses two gamma dose rate detectors for the inside and outside of the submarine. The external detector is designed to withstand 75 bar underwater pressure when diving.

For nuclear submarines, portable radiometers can be used in addition.

Measurement Radiation measurements : Gamma-ray Range (Dose rate) : 0.1 uGy/h ~ 20Gy/h Range (Dose) : 0~ 20Gy Energy range : 0.06~3 MeV; ±25% Linearity : < ±10% Accuracy : < ±15%
Mechanical Dimensions : 15 x 16 cm (Diameter x Height) Weight : 2.5 kg Water proof : 75 bar
Standard MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD 461E

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