Portable Radiation Meter (MSV) for Army

  • Rapid and accurate spatial gamma dose rate and cumulative dose detectionin nuclear war and radiological terror attack
  • Equipped with US and NATO-level radiation measurement technology
  • LiF: ZnS (Ag) Neutron Dose Rate and Cumulative Dose Detection
  • Rapid radiation detection and wireless data transmission for fast decision making
  • Minimize damage to soldiers(workers) due to residual nuclear radiation from fallout
  • Easy to carry due to compact size and longer operating time due to lower power consumption
  • Precise detection of alpha / beta radiation contamination when using external probes
  • Personal Dosimeter, Radioactive Pollution Meter, Local Area Monitoring capable

MSV is a portable radiometer that can measure alpha / beta / gamma / neutron radiation contamination levels in radioactive areas (or expected radiation contaminated areas) that are exposed to radioactive materials during nuclear war and/or nuclear terrorism.

It has the same performance capability as the AN/PDR77 and SVG2 handheld radiometers operated by the US and NATO forces. It is equipped with the latest technology that can enhance the ROK military’s ability to respond to nuclear warfare at the same level as that of developed countries.

In order to overcome the limitations of existing radiation measurement technology, the MSV is equipped with Time to Count broadband measurement technology with 100 times more measurement range, and provides high sensitivity neutron measurement technology by applying the latest semiconductor sensor technology. By combining high-sensitivity broadband radiation measurement technology with wireless data transmission technology, radiation detection information from radioactive contamination area can be transmitted to the operation situation room and chain of command in real time allowing for quick decision-making and minimize damage to troops in Area of operations.

Measurement Radiation measurements : Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron Range (Gamma) : 0.1 uGy/h ~ 20Gy/h, 0~ 20Gy Range (Neutron) : 0.1 uGy/h ~ 0.1Gy/h , 0~ 20Gy Range (Alpha, Beta : External) : 0.01cps ~ 330 kcps Energy range : 0.06~3 MeV; ±25% Linearity : < ±10% Accuracy : < ±15% Continuous use : 150h
Input and Output Display: LCD Key board: 6 buttons (Dose/Dose Rate/Alarm Speaker/Power)
Mechanical Dimensions : 20 x 12 x 9 cm (WxDxH) Weight : 2000kg Housing : Plastic
Standard MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD 461E